Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions on management with NDIS

Ans:- NDIS participants listed under ‘Capacity Building’ in their NDIS plan are eligible for Support Coordination services. Your eligibility for NDIS Support Coordination is determined during the NDIS plan review meeting.

Ans:- No, you will receive separate dedicated funding for support coordination in addition to other support cares.

Ans:- If you are above 18 years and require high support needs because of your disability you will get SIL funding. If you want you can live in a Short Term Accommodation or Medium Term Accommodation. But it is not mandatory. You can choose to live in the comfort of your house as well. If you want live in your house you can get a higher level of support at your home.

Ans:- To understand and assign the right support care to a participant we perform a dedicated Supported Independent Living (SIL) assessment). We will require you to fill up our support care form. Following that, we will discuss your accommodations and medical needs with your family members and review medical reports.

Ans:- No. The support does not include payments for rent and other expenses not related to your disability.

Ans:- Development of daily living and life skills focuses on training and development activities undertaken by the participant or their carer to increase their ability to live as autonomously as possible, including supports that will enhance the ability of the participant to travel and use public transport independently.

Ans:- Unfortunately, no, the fund does not include treatments for conditions that are not related to your disability. But arranging appointments and checkup dates with your doctor is one of our services. So although the funding does not directly include treatment costs, it can be used for arranging the treatment.

Ans:- This category of funding can be used to pay for social and community activities. It can be tuition fees, skill-building classes, sports coaching lessons, and camp & vacation activities.

Ans:- At We Empower we support you and assist you to achieve your goals. Attending every class and event is not mandatory. Participate in projects to solve fun problems with others. Our events are to help you discover your passion and explore skills and areas you would love to work in.

Ans:- The Core Supports are meant to assist NDIS participants with their day-to-day tasks and help them with their disability-related needs. These supports include:

  • Assistance with daily life
  • Transport
  • Social and community participation support
  • Consumables

Ans:- Yes, We Empower is a local NDIS care provider. We are always here to help you and are at your service 24/7. If you are an NDIS participant we will be happy to help you with all your household tasks and activities.

Ans:-  NDIS provides a transport budget to participants based on certain criteria. These are divided into three levels:

  • Level 1: Under this level, you get funding of $1606 per year. Non-working or student participants who want to enhance their community access are provided with this level of transport support.
  • Level 2: For participants who are currently working or having part-time jobs and need to travel for up to 15 hours a week are eligible for this transport support. Under this, you get $2472 transport funding per year.

Level 3: This level of transport support is for NDIS participants who are working or looking for a job and has to travel at least 15 hours a week. NDIS provides funding of $3456 per year under this criteria.

Ans:-  No. The funding is only for your travel expenses. But don’t worry. If you are having a support worker from We Empower we cover their travel expenses. You don’t have to cover their taxi or bus fare.

Ans:-  An individual can receive support to engage in community, social, or recreational activities. These activities get carried out in a centre or the community.

Ans:-  No, the ticket fare is not included under the funding but we organise movie outings with our community so you don’t have to worry about the ticket.

Ans:-  NDIS provides personal care funding for children, however, we do not intend to replace the regular care and guidance a child requires from their parent. So, our support workers will work with you to ensure your child’s hygiene and safety.

Ans:-  In case a participant requires higher support needs, for instance, if a participant experiences seizure activity or requires respiratory support, we provide special medical support for them.

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