Personal care

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We Empower is always here for your personal needs

Personal care assistance services we offer are designed to assist you or aid you with your daily personal activities. This program differs from our ‘Daily living and life skill development service’. Unlike the daily living assistance where we help you develop and perform domestic chores in and around your house, in the personal care support we aim to promote your mental and physical health and well-being. Your hygiene is our primary concern.

We offer personal support across a variety of settings. Whether you are at your home or living in a recreational centre, or whether you live alone or with your family, our personal care assistant will be by your side. Our support staff are always ready and passionate to help you under any circumstances. We want you to live your life to the fullest and just like any other person. If you are in another town for your employment purposes or want to enjoy a holiday with your family, regardless of where you are if you need us, we will go with you.

Our staff can help you with :

As per NDIS guidelines, the degree of support participants requires might vary. If you can perform your daily tasks independently with the help of equipment or aid, we will employ a less intrusive approach. Our priority is your well-being, but making you independent is also something we highly value. So we always try to help you in a way you can develop yourself and live your life as you desire.

Our staff is trained to help you maximise your functional and independent skills. We ensure that every assistance we offer is appropriate for your age and circumstances. And we assign the most suitable support worker to ensure your requirements are met with the best efficacy.

Never feel like you are alone, ‘cause we are with you, for you.

A Hassle-Free Registration

No-obligation consultation with our care advisor

Chat with our expert care advisor so that we can understand your needs. Call us on our hotline number 1300 936 016  or 0435 006 407  at your convenience.

Get your personalised care professional

After the service booking completion, we will match you with the best care worker or nurse.

Care and assistance at your convenience

Let your care worker come to you. Hassle-free care support at your place of residence or wherever you need us.

Submit your NDIS claim upon service completion

Upon service completion you will receive a service invoice from We Empower. You can comfortably submit your NDIS claim. If you want, we can assist you to submit the invoice directly to your NDIS plan manager.

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Make the most out of your NDIS funding

As an NDIS participant, you have the freedom of choice for your services. We Empower offers you personalised support and quality care, our goal is to ensure you get the most out of your NDIS funding.

Prompt response

Urgent referrals are answered on the same day. Non-urgent requests are met within 48 hours.

Quick fulfilment of home visit requests

Quick request delivery within 1 to 3 hours for urgent requests.

All-inclusive service coverage

We offer a wide variety of services, from basic home care to overnight care.

Polite and passionate professionals

Our professional staff fulfils your needs with complete care and empathy.

Qualified and vetted staff

Our personnel are NDIS Clearance checked to ensure they have the right background and are safe to work with children.

Seamless care management

Hassle-free booking and transparent management

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