Supported Independent Living

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We help you to become independent

We Empower’s Supported Independent Living (SIL) services are available to all participants with SIL funding, regardless of their support needs. We have a passionate Independent Living Support team that will collaborate with you to create SIL supports that are completely customized to your requirements. This can include shared hours of one-on-one or two-on-one assistance, as well as any type of overnight assistance. This program is designed to help you with your daily tasks like cooking meals.

We also help you build your skills to make you as capable of living independently as possible.

Supported Independent Living is especially helpful for individuals who need higher support. By higher support, we mean support you might need throughout the week. Our SIL program is designed both for community and individual levels. Whether you live with other NDIS individuals or on your own we are equally passionate to help you.

The Supported Independent Living program incorporates activities and needs that will ensure you have a safe and healthy stay at your home or preferred accommodation.

These include:

Often people who have opted for SIL also get funding for hiring a supported coordinator. So if you have the funding for a supported coordinator we can include that in your package. In case you do not have the funding we can help you get one. Because We are here For You With You.

Please note: You cannot use your SIL funding for paying rent or grocery expenses.

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Chat with our expert care advisor so that we can understand your needs. Call us on our hotline number 1300 936 016  or 0435 006 407  at your convenience.

Get your personalised care professional

After the service booking completion, we will match you with the best care worker or nurse.

Care and assistance at your convenience

Let your care worker come to you. Hassle-free care support at your place of residence or wherever you need us.

Submit your NDIS claim upon service completion

Upon service completion you will receive a service invoice from We Empower. You can comfortably submit your NDIS claim. If you want, we can assist you to submit the invoice directly to your NDIS plan manager.

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Make the most out of your NDIS funding

As an NDIS participant, you have the freedom of choice for your services. We Empower offers you personalised support and quality care, our goal is to ensure you get the most out of your NDIS funding.

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Urgent referrals are answered on the same day. Non-urgent requests are met within 48 hours.

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Quick request delivery within 1 to 3 hours for urgent requests.

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We offer a wide variety of services, from basic home care to overnight care.

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Our professional staff fulfils your needs with complete care and empathy.

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Our personnel are NDIS Clearance checked to ensure they have the right background and are safe to work with children.

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